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easywalker™ - horseshoes and clips

easywalker horseshoes come in five sizes from 110 to 150 mm width, and in common shape for front and back hind.
So you can find the adequate size for your horse's hoof.

Easywalker PLUS


easywalker with integrated pad
colour: green-yellow

For the therapeutical usage (Lameness, Arthrose, etc.) we have developed the easywalker+ with the integrated yellow pad. This horseshoe is also best for covering the sole or the frog (Endurance, Horses with sensitive soles).

For the usage in winter and on snow, the inner pad can be cutted out on two positions. Thus resulting in the snowgrip: added with two pieces of 5,5 mm studs, it comes out to be a horse shoeing for the winter time with extremely good grip on hard snow and ice with very little mounting needs and cost!

Easywalker Standard


Horseshoe in yellow-green colour

With its flexibility, shock absorption and weight advantage the easywalker standard provides not only PROS for high-level performing sporting horses, but is also protecting the legs of leisure horses by releasing the joints, tendons und muscles from the pressure of the horse's weight.

The easywalker™ is the best protecting hoofshoe:
When is the easywalker best used?

easywalker clips


Clips in adequate size come along with each easywalker horseshoe as a set.
(articles numbers 50.001, 50.002, 50.003)
clips of size ZERO for hoof size 110 and 120, clips of size ONE for hoof size of 130 and 140, clips of size TWO for hoof size of 150. (Compare also the pricelist!)

Our patented adjustable clips reduce shearing forces on the nails and help stabilising the foot,
which relieves excess stress in the hoof capsule.

Tips for the usage of the easywalker™ clips

pic_product_easywalkerclip_referenzhuf pic_product_easywalkerclip

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The construction of the easywalker horseshoe


pic_easywalker-construction The picture shows the five most important constructional features of the easywalker system for horseshoeing. Compare the number in the list and in the picture, and find out about the advantages of the easywalker!

1 - The Base (1) is made out of special polyurethane, developed exclusively for this application.The strong and durable, yet highly elastic polymer material will absorb impact and vibration with minimal inference of the complex bio-dynamics of the hoof capsule.

2- The "Mini-Heartbar" (2) offers great protection of the frog, simulating the contact to the earth, while at the same time improving the blood circulation and stimulating hoof growth.

3- The anit-shock elements (3) further eliminate shocks and vibrations while walking, especially on very hard ground, like concrete or asphalt. The easywalker dampens shocks and vibrations as opposed to metal shoes which cannot prevent from shocks and tremendously increase vibrations.

pic_easywalker-construction nailhole 4 - The patented nail holes (4) provide maximum grip for the countersunk nail heads (use E or E-slim nailes), while the three pre-set nail slots provide for safe and consistent nailing. Every nail can be set perfectly into the white line.

5- The patented adjustable clips (5) reduce shearing forces on the nails and help stabilising the foot, which relieves excess stress in the hoof capsule. This is a great advantage for a weak and fragile hoof septum.

pic_easywalker-construction2 6 - The integrated pad of the easywalker+™ protects the sole and the frog, it can be used therapautically together with a cushion. (e.g. Laminitis) and is finally the perfect horseshoe for winter (with complete or with only partial pad). The easywalker™ is in combination with two studs of 5,5 mm,the ultimate horseshoe with perfect grip.

easywalker horseshoes is offered in five sizes from 110 to 150 mm width, and in common shape for front and back hind.

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Vibration of the easywalker™

pic_easywalker-vibration study On hard surfaces metal shoes produce high frequency vibrations with every step, which severely affects the sensitive laminae and can cause temporarily lameness (dim senses). This is known as equine lameness that often comes along with walking on surfaces made of paver, with coach horses and endurance horses.
Due to its material (PU) and its design, the easywalker horseshoe does not produce any damaging vibrations and protects from equine lameness due to paver surfaces.

The picture shows the vibration graph of the metal shoe in comparison to the easywalker made of Polyurethane. The vertical dimension of the curve (amplitude) is the energy of the vibration, the horizontal dimension shows the time duration of the vibration.
You can easily watch, that the vibration frequency and amplitude of the easywalker is virtually ZERO compared to that of a metal horseshoe.

Shock absorption of the easywalker™

pic_easywalker-vibration study Lamenitis, Arthritis and Arthrose are caused by permanent shocks to the horse legs and joints. The unique composite construction of the easywalker horseshoe provides optimal shock absorption and protects the hoof, whereas metal shoes actually amplify the shock, even when applied with a pad. The highly elastic, yet wear resistant anti-shock elements, in combination with the special polymer material care for an optimal shock dampening.
The easywalker horseshoes thus means comfort for the horse and prevents it effectively from Arthrose, Arthritis or Laminitis.

The graph shows the extent of the impact shock when the hoof contacts the ground, in walk and trot, for steelshod, barefoot and PU shoes (PU= polyurethane, the material of the eeasywalker). Check that, when walking, the shock of the steelshod hoof is almost 6 times higher than easywalker, and, when trotting, the steel shoe's impact is 7 times higher than the PU shoe.
The easywalker has the best shock absorbant material!

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Der BLUEGRASS SLIPPER - the therapeutical horseshoe

pic_product bluegrass

The therapeutical shoe from Bluegrass Equine Products/USA is a revolutionary development. It was developed to support the therapy of and to protect hooves. The slipper is the substitute for all bandages around the hoof, its unique features provide the permeability to moisture and protection of the hoof from transpiring, while being hermetically sealed against soil.

More about the Bluegrass Slipper:

Infos on Bluegrass Slipper therapy shoe for horses (Version 2015, EN)

The therapy shoe is available here, please contact our customer service per e-mail!

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